2006 – Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Ohio Shakespeare Conference 2006

Topic: Violently Shakespeare

Date: November 9 – 11, 2006

Location: Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio


Plenary Speaker: Lisa S. Starks, University of South Florida

Plenary Speaker: William Proctor Williams, University of Akron

Submissions for this theme-focused conference should explore the many aspects of violence in early modern culture. We welcome 300 word abstracts or proposals. Proposals for panels are also welcome. Submissions should include treatment of Shakespeare and/or his contemporaries.

Submissions may include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • ¬†violent emotions;
  • physical violence;
  • violent characters;
  • self-mutilation;
  • staged or simulated violence;
  • suicide;
  • cannibalism;
  • rape and sexual violence;
  • violent language or poetic imagery;
  • war and political violence;
  • punishment;
  • executions;
  • abuse of servants;
  • colonial violence in the Renaissance;
  • violent textual editions (violent distortions of meaning);
  • stage properties used for violence;
  • the violence of nature (storms, bears);
  • riots in the theater;
  • violent reactions to Shakespeare (the Essex rebellion, and, of course, teaching!);
  • violent endings to the theater (the burning of the Globe);
  • disintegration of the text;
  • the causes of violence;
  • and, of course, where you can find it, non-violent Shakespeare

If enough interest is shown, we will provide special undergraduate paper sessions.

Submission Deadline: 15 September 2006.

Please include the following information in your conference proposals or abstracts:

  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • college or university affiliation
  • mailing address
  • audio visual needs
  • if you are part of a panel
  • and times when it is impossible for you to present your work during the November 9th-11th timeframe.
  • Also indicate if you are an undergraduate student.

E-mail submissions are encouraged, although mailed submissions will be accepted as well.

Conference Organizer: Joseph Sullivan, joe.sullivan@marietta.edu, 740-376-4639

Thomas Hall, Marietta College, Marietta, OH 45750


OSC Chairperson: Kara Northway, northwayk@xavier.edu