If you are interested in renting one of the lockers in the Law School Basement, please see the Cashier’s Office in Simmons Hall.

The pricing information that the Cashier’s Office has provided is as follows:

1 year (beginning in Fall semester only): $10
1 semester (beginning in Spring semester only): $7

If you return your lock at the end of your rental period: $3 refund

Not having to carry all of your books all of the time: Priceless

All lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the rental period, and cannot be rented over the summer. The University’s Locking Systems Personnel will unlock all lockers at the end of Fall semester, after Final Exams, and empty any remaining items (placed in the lost & found at the reception desk). All locks will then be reassigned. The date of this clean-out will be determined and announced before Final Exams begin.