Career Networking Opportunity – As you may know, Akron Law regularly hosts alumni outreach events in various cities where our alumni reside and work. The law school is offering an opportunity for students who are interested in meeting with alumni living and working in cities we are visiting this fall and spring to join us in these cities for an opportunity to network.

City Visit Date Location Event
September 16, 2009 Columbus, OH Alumni/Friends Dinner
September 23, 2009 Cincinnati, OH Alumni/Friends Dinner
September 24, 2009 Washington, DC Alumni/Friends Dinner
October 17, 2009 Buffalo, NY Alumni Breakfast
October 20, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA Alumni/Friends Dinner
October 27, 2009 New York City Alumni/Friends Dinner
October 29, 2009 Cleveland, OH Alumni/Friends Dinner
November 2, 2009 Trumbull County, OH Alumni Breakfast
November 9, 2009 Columbus, OH Alumni Breakfast
November 10, 2009 Phoenix, AZ Alumni/Friends Dinner

All students are welcome to attend alumni city visits. In addition, to allow for greater student participation, Akron Law alumni through the Office of External Programs have provided funds to support student travel to these events. If the number of student requests exceeds the amount available, reimbursement requests will be determined by a lottery. Student reimbursement for these events will be made at a maximum of $150.00 per student for events held within Ohio and a maximum of $250.00 per student for events held outside Ohio for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Students who are interested in attending these events and wish to receive reimbursement must respond by submitting their name and city of interest by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.  Students may submit their names for reimbursement for multiple events, but will only be available for one reimbursement.  (Winning the lottery for one event automatically excludes an individual for a chance to be reimbursed for another event. No prioritizing or selecting is allowed.)  Again, students are welcome to attend as many events as they like, without reimbursement.

Please note:  Attendance at these events are not excused absences from class.  Interested students should contact their professors before agreeing to attend to determine how any such absence will be treated.

If you are interested in attending one of these events and/or being considered for reimbursement, please respond to Jeanne Kennedy ( by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 and include:

            Your name
            Your e-mail address
            The city(ies) of interest