Check your profile on Westlaw and LexisNexis

At least once-a-year law students should update their profiles on LexisNexis and Westlaw.  Last fall, students’ University e-mail address changed to   If you registered using the old address, the e-mail function in TWEN and Lexis Web Course software will not work properly.  This is particularly important if you are taking classes that use TWEN or Web Course.  The faculty may use the e-mail function but if you have not updated your profile you will not receive the e-mail.

Here is how you can update your profile on Westlaw and Lexis. 

For Westlaw: Log into Westlaw and just to the right of your name is the UPDATE link.  Click on that link to update your profile.

For LexisNexis: Log into LexisNexis and click on the GET HELP tab.  At the next screen, click on UPDATE REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

Questions?  Contact Lynn Lenart, 330-972-6357,  Office 269, Law Library, second floor.