Fall 2011 Class Schedule – Ignore It Until We Say Otherwise

To the Law School Student Body:

On Monday March 14, the university will make the fall schedule available for review  by students, although students will not be able to begin registering until March 25. We understood that the release date would be March 21, a week later, but the university needs to release the schedule for New Student Orientation Week, and it cannot withhold our part of the schedule.

For various reasons related to the university’s new campus-wide class scheduling system, the law school’s ultimate schedule is certain to differ from the schedule that will appear on Monday. We will advise you when the schedule has been finalized.

Accordingly, you should ignore the law school fall class schedule as posted by the university until we tell you otherwise.

Thanks, and have a great Spring Break!

Bill Jordan

Associate Dean and C. Blake McDowell Professor of Law

University of Akron School of Law