Message from Associate Dean Meg Andreeff Matejkovic – Student Director Positions Available on Akron Law Alumni Association

Recognizing that our students are “alums-in-waiting,” the Akron Law Alumni Association (“LAA”) Board of Directors has a dedicated position on its Board for a student director.  This unique and valuable opportunity provides our students a chance to become integrally involved in alumni leadership and alumni activities with Akron Law as the student director represents Akron Law students to the LAA Board and works with the Board to identify ways in which students and alumni may work and communicate together for the benefit of both groups.  The student director serves in an ex-officio capacity and is expected to attend all Board meetings which are held at the School of Law on a bi-monthly basis throughout the academic year (i.e., August, October, December, February, and April).  The meetings begin at 4 p.m. and generally last one to 1-1/2 hours.  Applications for the 2011-12 student director to the LAA Board of Directors will be accepted from 2011-12 upper division law students who are in good standing.  Applications should include: (1) a current resume of the student; (2) a statement as to why the student believes that he or she should be selected to serve on the LAA Board; and (3) a statement as to why he or she wants to serve on the LAA Board.  The LAA Board’s executive committee will review the application materials and select a maximum of three students who will be invited to make a two-minute presentation to the Board at its June 2011 meeting (presentations may be made via phone for students who will not be in the Akron area over the summer).  Students interested in being considered for this position should forward their application materials no later than Friday, April 22 to Sue Staats in the Office of External Programs (either in hard copy form to Ms. Staats in the Office of External Programs which is located in the Dean’s Suite or electronic form to Ms. Staats at