SELS – Intramural Softball

Law Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Nothing says summer like intramural softball!  I am the President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and getting a softball team together for law students, faculty, and staff to play in if they are interested.  Below is some more information about the softball league.


A list of the softball rules will be emailed to all people interested in playing.  Several games are played during the regular season.  All teams will make playoffs as long as they do not forfeit a game.  Nine people play at once, so the first people to get back to me will have priority playing.  Since everyone’s summer schedule varies we will need extra players on the roster when the first people to sign up need to miss a week.


Every game you play in will cost one dollar.  This will cover the team fee of $60.  If the amount goes over $60, then the extra money will be spent towards an end of the season pizza party.

League Dates and Times

The official league dates and times have not been set by intramurals sports, but they said we will either be in a league that plays Monday or Tuesday nights.  Rainouts for Monday games will be played on Wednesday and Rainouts for Tuesday games will be made up on Thursday.  Games will be played at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm and will last about an hour.  People who are interested in playing will be contacted with the official league date and time.

Signing Up

If you are interested in playing please contact me ASAP at and let me know if you have any conflicting times class times with possible league games.  It is free to sign up on the roster, but spots are on a first come first serve basis.  It would be better to have more than enough people sign up, since there is no costs to sign up, you only have to pay a dollar for each game you play in.

Jim Blair

Sports and Entertainment Law President