ExamSoft Download Period for Summer II

The download period for Summer II exams are is as follows:

Prof. Lee’s Property II Class: 7/12 through 7/17

All other classes: 7/18 through 7/25

As always there will be no exceptions for missing the download period.   If you have any questions, please email law-support@uakron.edu  Also please note that there are risks involved with using Examsoft:

Risks with using ExamSoft

There are various risks associated with using ExamSoft. You are responsible for assuring that you are fully prepared to use ExamSoft on the day of the exam. If you have not fully followed instructions or failed to download the latest updates to ExamSoft, you may experience delays in starting ExamSoft, and you may be unable to use it at all

There is the possibility that your exam answer on your laptop could get corrupted/lost before you upload it at the end of the exam. You would not have any record of your exam. ExamSoft saves your exam every 60 seconds as you are typing. The longer you wait to upload the exam the greater the risk.

If you spend time trying to get your laptop working after a malfunction, you are taking time away from writing your answers. This may have a detrimental effect on the grade you receive. If you have a problem with a computer during an examination and think you deserve additional time, you must have your instructor’s permission for additional time right then and there. You cannot expect that time lost during the exam while working on a computer problem will be considered later in how your examination is graded