All law students attending summer must review this summer enrollment load chart. 







Summer enrollment is not required beyond the 1st year.

Summer enrollment

is recommended

for part-time students in order to stay on track with graduation.


Maximum Credits

For Summer


(unless otherwise authorized)





More than 3 credits during any 7-day calendar week during summer would result in an overload and must be approved.


6 (9 if no course overlap***)







6 (9 if no course overlap***)

If you plan to be enrolled for more than the above-chart allows, and have not already received permission from Assistant Dean Thorpe to do so, you must submit the Overload Permission Request Form (click HERE) prior to the start of summer term. 

Return this permission request form as soon as possible to Liz Sauders in the Dean’s Office, Room 136.  Once reviewed by Assistant Dean Thorpe, I will notify you of her decision.
Thank you.

Author: Liz Sauders

Manager of Compliance and Technology for The University of Akron School of Law