Part-time students wishing to compete in the Law Review’s August Write-On Competition

The 2012 Write-On Competition for part-time students will begin Monday, 8/13/2012, at 8 AM.  Instructions for the Write-On Competition and a hypothetical will be available for you to pick up at that time on TWEN.  This competition is open only to those part-time students who completed their first-year program during this summer. You will have until Monday, 8/20/2012, at 8 AM to submit your response.  Late submissions will not be graded or considered for a position on the Law Review. 

 To participate in the Write-On Competition, you will need to have extended your Westlaw password for the summer session in order to have TWEN access.  To access the Write-On Competition course, you will need only to add a course to your TWEN page the same way in which you do for your regular classes.  This course is currently activated on TWEN should you wish to join now, but the competition’s hypothetical and instructions will not appear until Monday at 8 AM.  If you have not extended your Westlaw password for the summer, please email me at, and I can coordinate a way to email the instructions and the hypothetical to you on the day the Write-On Competition begins. 

Please remember that the Write-On Competition is open only to those law students who have attained at least a 2.6 cumulative grade point average and have completed at least the first-year program as defined by the administration of the School of Law.

Students wishing to join the Law Review who rank in the top fifteen (15) percent of their class after completing the first-year program will be automatically invited to join the Law Review.  As such, those students ranking in the top fifteen percent of their class are not required to compete in the Write-On Competition in order to receive an invitation.

If you have any questions regarding the Write-On Competition, please email me at

Thank you,

Ryan Doringo

Executive Editor, 2012-13 Akron Law Review

Author: Liz Sauders

Manager of Compliance and Technology for The University of Akron School of Law