Student Printer Changes

The printers have moved to a new print server and will require that you reinstall them.  Also some physical locations of the printers have changed:

  • Law 1 has been moved from the 2nd floor of the Law Library down to the student lounge area.
  • Law 3, which is the color printer, has been moved to the second floor across from the circulation desk.  Please note that this printer is currently not OSX compatible.  We are working on getting a printer that is compatible and will get it installed and operational as soon as possible.
  • Law 4, the printer outside room 301, has been upgraded to a larger capacity printer courtesy of Westlaw.

Instructions for connecting to the Rootown wireless network along with setting up the printers can be found at this link:  If anyone has absolutely any questions or problems, please let us know at or just stop by our window.  Thanks!!