24/7 Building Access

Upper level students may recall that we ran a 24-hour access pilot program last year. Based on the usage results, it was determined that it was beneficial to our students to provide the 24-hour access to our building. Due to technical difficulties with the system, the update to include incoming 1Ls took longer than we would have liked – but it is now complete!

Note that only currently enrolled law students have access to the building after posted building hours (The Library will not be open 24/7). To gain access, you must use your ZipCard at the Wolf Ledges entrance to West Hall. Please read this entire post to be sure you have all the necessary details.

  • After the building closes, please use your ZipCard to gain access to the building through the Wolf Ledges entrance to West Hall.
  • If at any time your ZipCard will not allow you access to the building, there is no way to re-gain access until the building opens the next morning. Please notify Anthony Colucci at colucci@uakron.edu if you should have any problems with the card reader.
  • If you intend to be on campus overnight, you will need an overnight parking endorsement sticker for your parking permit. You will have to go to the University Parking Department to pick one up. Be sure to let them know you are a law student and it will be free of charge.
  • Access is restricted to currently enrolled law students only. Family members and non-law students are not to be in the building after hours.
  • We cannot guarantee that all heating and cooling units will be functional 24/7. Please try to keep to the first and second floors of West Hall for the best temperature-controlled areas. Other areas of the building may be off-line to conserve energy.
  • Students should call UAPD at 330-972-2911 to report anyone that they believe is even remotely suspicious, and should not approach anyone on their own.
  • UAPD reserves the right to clear the building at any time for any reason.
  • If the University is closed (weather, utility failures, etc.), then the Law School is closed.
  • UAPD will perform random sweeps of the building to be sure that no one is in the building that should not be.
  • While the Library will not be open after the building closes, please note that there is a student printer available in the student lounge, most classrooms will remain unlocked to be used as group study rooms, and you will have access to the computers located at the computer kiosks throughout the first floor of the building (2 in student lounge, one near men’s room in the elevator lobby).
  • In order to make this a successful pilot program, please be mindful of how you find the area you use, and how you leave it. Please place all trash in the proper trash or recycling receptacles.

Our goal is to provide students with a quiet and safe place to study at all hours of the day to accommodate your busy schedules. Please use your best judgement in utilizing 24 hour access to the building. We advise that you do not study alone, and that you make use of the UAPD campus patrol to escort you to your vehicle when leaving the building. Call 330-972-7263 to request the service.

If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Colucci at 330-972-6364 or colucci@uakron.edu.