Law School Softball Team — Wilson’s Warriors

      The Law School is looking to have a co-ed softball team this summer.  Dean Wilson will lead the charge and Prof. Spring will help with the administrative functions.   We have won two championships in recent years.  If we want to play in the First Session we need to register and have a roster together by May 20th.   The First Session games will be Wednesdays at either 5 or 6 pm starting May 27th.  It is recognized that this conflicts with some of our summer classes but hopefully we can prevail on the scheduler to give us more 5 pm games that will be over in time for team members to attend class afterward (games last approximately one hour) and we will have enough players to fill in.   

       The Intramural Office strictly enforces its rules and someone cannot just show up and play.  If you want to play you need to be on the roster and meet the eligibility requirements (set out below) before the first game.  If you want to play please email and indicate your relative level of experience.  We have been competitive (the leagues aren’t that good) with a mix of talent and experience in the past and everyone is welcome.  It is good fun that is very collegial and it is hoped that we will have plenty of participants to field a team.  The eligibility standards are:

Students enrolled in summer classes, in at least one (1) credit in any academic summer session(s)

Students not enrolled in summer classes, but who have purchased a full SRWC Membership for the summer

Students not enrolled in summer classes, but who are returning for Fall 2015 credits (and were also enrolled in Spring 2015) who purchase a Summer Intramural Pass for $5

Full-time Staff/Faculty

NOTE: Students who graduate May 2015, or incoming students new to UA for Fall 2015, will NOT be eligible to participate.