Akron Law Christian Fellowship Lunch is TODAY

Please join the Akron Law Christian Fellowship for lunch TODAY and an excellent discussion on a topic relevant to all of us as future lawyers on Monday, April 9th at 12:15p in Room 140 of the Law School!

Is there an inherent right and wrong?  Does Morality exist?  What is Justice?  Does God exist?

If you ever ask yourself any of these questions then the Akron Law Christian Fellowship would like to invite you to an event that will help answer these!

Nick Petrus (1L Akron Law) will give a presentation on the Moral Argument for the existence of God. Nick will present his argument on how morality proves that a God exists. Implicit in the argument is a tackling of the question, “Does justice, a concept which undergirds every class we take as law students, exist as an objective feature of reality?” There will be food!