Akron Law Review Selection Dates

Are you interested in joining the Akron Law Review next year? Please check the following dates for more information about the selection process. Feel free to contact Danni Schantz (ds215@zips.uakron.edu) Nate Fulmer (nmf42@zips.uakron.edu) or Prof Genetin (genetin@uakron.edu) for more information.

  • Grade On Process: Grades and rank are posted the first week of June. Those who are ranked in the top 15% of their class (full-time or part-time) will receive an automatic invitation to join Law Review. If you grade on to Law Review, you DO NOT have to complete the write on process.
  • Write On Process: Those who do not grade on to Law Review, may complete the write on process. Students will be required to submit a closed research and writing assignment (8-10 pages) that will be used to assess their research and writing skills. The write on assignment (research sources included) will be posted June 11 and will be due June 29.
  • Announcements: Invitations to join Law Review for both grade on and write on candidates will be sent via email on Monday, July 2.
  • Important Dates: Summer Training for Law Review will be held on Saturday, July 14. Law Review Seminar will meet Mondays, 4:30-6pm for both the Fall and Spring semesters.