“What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?” Panel Event TODAY, 4/17, at 5 pm

“What Does It Mean to Be A Christian?” Come find out on Tuesday April 17th at 5pm, in the Brennan Court Room (Room 180) of the Law School.

Do you know what it truly to means to be a Christian?

The term “Christian.” What does that word even mean? Does it just mean you go to church everyone Sunday?  Does it mean you have to follow certain rules to get to heaven?  The media, society, and the world in general have greatly twisted and distorted what it truly means to be a Christian in 2018. Today, the terms “bigot,” “bible-basher,” and other negative words are easily attached to Christians.

Join the Akron Law Christian Fellowship on Tuesday April 17th as they host a panel of Christian law professors, lawyers, and judges who will attempt to answer this question.

There will be plenty of food at this event!!!