Elections for SBA Class Representatives for Spring Start and Part-Time Students

Elections for Class Representatives to the Student Bar Association are officially open! Below you will find links to two different ballots. One for spring start students and one for part-time students. The elections will close this Friday, February 1st at 5:00pm. 

Students from each of the two classes are permitted to vote for up to two class representatives from their respective class. However, you may only vote for each individual student one time. Please note, it is a violation of the honor code to submit more than one vote per person, to vote for more than a total of two representatives, or to place a vote at all if you are not a part of the particular class. The two students who receive the most votes will serve as class representative.

If you are elected, you will be notified over the weekend.



If you have questions regarding the elections please feel free to contact Sarah Blank, Vice President of the Student Bar Association at skb73@zips.uakron.edu