Washington, DC – Attorney Honors Program, Law Clerk/Attorney – Department of the Interior

AkronLawJobs No. 10412 Overview: 4 vacancies in Washington, DC. Attorney Honors Program, Law Clerk/Attorney, GS-0904/0905-11/12 (KD-Exc Svc) This is a PERMANENT appointment contingent on successfully passing the bar exam.

Duties: During the initial one-year rotation, Honors Attorneys will work in practice areas that include the full range of Land Management, Water, Natural Resources, Indian, Environmental, Oil and Gas, and Mining laws relating to the Nation’s public lands, national parks and wildlife refuges, administrative and government business matters, ethics and law relating to the United States’ unique relationship with American Indians and Indian Tribes. Following that initial year, the individuals will be permanently assigned to one of the Office’s divisions or, if desired, regional offices.  Honors Attorneys also will participate in cross-organizational meetings, and other efforts and training opportunities designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the practice of law at a Cabinet-level agency. After the Honors Program year, the successful candidate will be permanently assigned to a Division or Regional office to provide advice and counsel to client agencies and the Department. 

Qualifications: 3L. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Satisfactory completion of a background investigation is required. Selectee is subject to serving a trial 2 year period. Must graduate from law school between May 2017 and May 2020. More requirements are listed under Qualifications and Other Information. Should possess significant academic achievement (i.e., a GPA of 3.5 or higher) and legal or programmatic work experience as described in at least one of the areas below: – Graduated with academic honors. – High Academic Achievement (graduated top 33% of class).

– Law journal or other relevant writing experience. – Moot court competition, legal aid, or legal clinic experience.

– Judicial Law Clerk experience. – Significant summer law office clerk experience. – Natural Resources, Indian, or Environmental law interest as demonstrated by course work, published legal writing, professional experiences, etc.

Honors Program selectees are required to pass a Bar examination and be duly licensed to practice as an attorney in any state, territory, or the District of Columbia within 14 months of original appointment under this program. Individuals selected for this Honors Program are expected to begin working September 2020 in Washington D.C. and must sign an employment agreement committing to remain with the Office of the Solicitor for a minimum of three years from the date of their original appointment. 

Law School graduates not yet admitted to the Bar as of September 26, 2020, will be placed in Law Clerk positions at the GS-11 level pending admission to the Bar, at which time they will be eligible for conversion to an Attorney position. Law School graduates who have been admitted to the Bar will be placed in Attorney positions at the GS-11 level. Law School graduates who have been admitted to the Bar and have completed 1 year of legal experience (may include a Judicial Clerkship) will be placed in Attorney positions at the GS-12 level. 

How to Apply: Apply HERE with the following: 1. Cover Letter and Resume that includes the following information: — Please address the cover letter to whom it may concern; — A permanent e-mail address that will not change during the course of the application and hiring process; — Two (2) professional and/or academic references (include name, title, organization/school, telephone number, and e-mail address);

— Undergraduate degree information (e.g. type of degree, major, year received, name of the school, city, and state where the school is located; — Information about your law degree(s) (e.g. type of degree, specialty, year received or to be received, name of school, city, and state where the school is located);
— Proof of active Bar membership, if any; — Information about any graduate degree(s) (e.g. type of degree, major, year received or will receive, name of the school, city, and state where the school is located); — Information about any judicial law clerkship(s) (e.g., the full name of the court(s) served, dates of clerkship(s), name of judge(s), telephone number in chambers); — Information about other legal and/or non-legal experience including names of supervisor(s), organization name(s), telephone number(s) of supervisor(s), dates of employment, and a brief description of responsibilities; — (For Current Students) Names of all law school courses you are currently taking and your expected graduation date; — Information about any unique qualifications, training, special skills or competencies relevant to your application for employment. 2. Law School Transcripts that includes your GPA. 3. Writing Sample – no longer than 5 pages in length. The sample can be academic or professional and may be an excerpt from a longer document. The writing sample should be drafted entirely by you and should contain properly formatted citations to legal authorities. 

Deadline:  September 16, 2019