Pro Bono Student Stories Needed

Jessica Gilgor, student editor for the ABA Law Student Division, is seeking stories about Akron Law students’ summer pro bono experience for an upcoming article in the Before the Bar blog and Student Lawyer Magazine. Please review the following questions and contact Professor Joann Sahl ( today, September 27th if you’re interested in participating!

Use some of the following questions to give the reader a quick run-down of your pro bono experience, and what recommendations you might make to others looking to do something similar. If selected your response to the following will need to be approximately 500 words.

Where did you work doing pro bono this summer and what generally did you do? How did you get involved in that work? What steps did you take to land the job? What were your typical day-to-day duties? What did you learn from the work? How has it changed or reinforced your thinking on your career path? What advice do you have for other students seeking this type of work?