Certified Legal Intern Juvenile Division- Stark County Prosecutor’s Office **Paid Positions**

Canton, OH- Certified Legal Intern Juvenile Division- Stark County Prosecutor’s Office
AkronLawJobsNo. 11156: Two positions available, part-time, paid for summer 2020. Interns input new case data in the computer system, review new delinquency complaints to be sure they are correctly prepared, review the accompanying police reports to be sure the charges are supported by sufficient evidence, and if the report or any necessary information is missing, contact the investigating agency for further information.

Interns then provide a summary of the case to the supervising attorney and discuss whether the case is ready to be filed and whether the case should be handled informally or officially. Interns conduct research, including electronic research on Westlaw and research in the office library or the county law library, as requested by the attorneys. Interns draft pleadings, including, but not limited to complaints, responses to discovery requests, motions, and responses to defense motions, as requested by the attorneys.

Interns observe hearings whenever possible, including arraignments, pre-trials and trials. Interns are encouraged to review files before the hearings and discuss cases with attorneys before or after hearings to experience the full extent of the legal process. Interns are also encouraged to observe court staff, the probation department and/or a police department if time permits.

Interns prepare documents for filing and file documents with the Clerk of Courts. Interns also assist the staff in closing files and updating case data in the computer system. When requested, interns may assist attorneys in organizing files and preparing exhibits for trial. Certified Legal Interns prepare for and conduct arraignments and pre-trials with a supervising attorney. Interns should sit with attorneys during trials and eventually conduct trials with a supervising attorney.

Requirements: 2L, eligible for legal intern certificate at the end of spring semester

To Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to Michelle Cordova at mlcordova@starkcountyohio.gov.

Deadline: February 28, 2020