Important notice re: School of Law assignment due dates

Dear students and faculty,

Pursuant to the University’s recent class cancelation announcement, no course due dates may be enforced prior to the end of Spring Break.  Due dates should be adjusted so that nothing is due while classes are suspended.  It’s best to think of the class suspension period as one extended spring break.  Nothing is due during the break, but work may be taking place on assignments – reading, writing papers, studying, and the like – which are due on the day that classes resume (March 30th) or later.

Faculty members should revise due dates accordingly and communicate the revised dates to their students as soon as possible.

If you have questions about this policy, please let me or Dean Janoski-Haehlen know.  If students have questions about particular assignments, please contact your professors.

Thanks all for your patience and flexibility as we work through the many issues presented by recent events.