Spring 2020 Exam Schedule now Posted

The Spring 2020 Exam Schedule is now posted in the Law School Student Resources Brightspace Page under Exam Schedules and Forms.

Important Reminders – Spring 2020 FINAL EXAMS: 

  1. Special Exam Accommodations – If you are registered with the Office of Accessibility and wish to utilize your recommended accommodations for your final exams you must complete the Special Exam Accommodations Form located on Brightspace under Exam Forms, and submit it to Director Misty Franklin, no later than April 17, 2020.
  2. International Student ESL Exam Accommodation Request – If you are an international student wishing to utilize the ESL Exam Accommodations for your final exams you must complete the ESL Exam Accommodation Request Form located on Brightspace under Exam Forms, and submit it to Professor Willa Gibson, no later than April 17, 2020
  3. Exam Reschedule Request Form – An examination conflict exists if two examinations are scheduled at the same time or three examinations are scheduled within 24 hours. Part-time students who have schedule examinations on both the first Wednesday and the first Friday of exam period, and full-time students who have three scheduled examinations between the first Wednesday and Friday of the exam period are also granted relief at their option. Other exceptions to the schedule will only be granted in extreme circumstances.A student who wants to reschedule an exam based on this criteria must submit an exam reschedule form to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs by April 17, 2020. The form is located on Brightspace under Exam Forms.

Preliminary Spring 2020 Schedule now available in Brightspace

The Preliminary Spring 2020 Schedule is now available in the Law School Student Resources Brightspace Page under Course Materials/Registration Information/Law Spring 2020 Preliminary Schedule Grid. More information, including course descriptions and GWR offerings will be forthcoming.


Mandatory Advising Sessions will be held:

  • Upper Division – Tuesday, October 29th 12:15 & 5:15 PM
  • First Year – Wednesday, October 30th 12:15 & 5:15 PM

*If you do not attend the Mandatory Advising Session a registration hold will be placed on your student record preventing you from registering for classes.

Registration Dates. Registration is based on number of LAW School credits (including transferred credits) successfully completed. All registration begins at NOON on the following dates:

DateNumber of LAW Credits completed
Mon., November 11th 60 or more
Wed., November 13th 45 – 59.99
Fri., November 15th30 – 44.99
Tues., November 19th15 – 29.99
Thurs., November 21st0 – 14.99

Please make sure that you check your MyAkron account under “My Experience” before your registration to confirm your enrollment appointment and to make sure that you do not have any holds on your account. We are unable to release any holds that are placed by other departments (i.e. Student Financials, Parking, Graduate School, etc.), you will want to make sure that these are cleared up before you are eligible to register to prevent being locked out of any classes.

If you are a joint degree student and have not completed a Transfer of Graduate Credit form (located under Student Affairs/Forms) your credits will not be factored in to your law school credit totals and could effect your enrollment appointment. To determine if your joint degree credits have been successfully applied to your law school total, make sure that you run a Degree Progress Report (DPR) located in MyAkron under My Experience. All Transfer of Graduate Credits forms must be turned in to Student Affairs by Wednesday, October 30th at 5:00 p.m. to provide time for processing and enrollment appointment correction.