Changes to the Advanced Legal Applications Course

At its September 2011 meeting, the Faculty adopted, effective immediately for all law students, the following changes to the bar exam-related course, Advanced Legal Applications (ALA):

  1. The credits earned for the Advanced Legal Applications course will now count toward the 88 credits required for graduation. Those required to take Advanced Legal Applications will no longer be required to complete 91 credits to graduate.
  2. The LGPA-based requirement to take Advanced Legal Applications has not been changed, but the Faculty decided to open the course to students who are not required to take it. The Faculty resolution permits “non-required students to take ALA on a space available basis (with an inverse GPA enrollment preference).”

We will implement this change as follows:

  1. We will offer two sections of ALA, one on Tuesday evening, the other on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Note that we offer ALA only in the Spring semester.
  2. The Dean’s office will control enrollment in ALA.
  3. Students required to take ALA must advise Misty Franklin ( whether they want to enroll in the day or evening section of ALA. To assure that you are registered for the ALA section you prefer, contact Ms. Franklin no later than October 14, 2011. After that date, we will select your ALA selection based upon your registration pattern to date.
  4. Students who wish to take ALA but are not required to do so must contact Professor Katherine Kelly, Director of Academic Support ( We will enroll students according to the criterion established by the Faculty (inverse GPA enrollment preference), with preference for those taking the Ohio Bar Examination.