Serials Solutions ejournal catalog records suppressed

In preparation for the Discovery service (Search-A-Roo) launch on Saturday, September 28th, Serials Solutions catalog records have been suppressed from the UAL Catalog. We will replace these records with new records in the near future. In the interim, if you need to know if we have access to an ejournal search the A-to-Z list.



Discovery service (Search-A-Roo) launches Sept 28th

On Saturday, Sept 28th we will make the new EBSCO discovery service (Search-A-Roo) available from the library homepage. You will see the search box prominently displayed. It does not replace any of our existing resources, but does provide a way for our patrons to search most of our resources at once.

In conjunction with this, we will also make the switch to the new A-to-Z List for eJournals that we receive as part of the EBSCO discovery service package. This replaces our old A-to-Z.

Finally, as part of this implementation we will temporarily suppress our catalog records for the majority of our ejournals. We will be replacing these records with new records in the near future. In the interim, if you want to know if we have access to an ejournal you simply need to search the A-to-Z list instead of the catalog.

The implementation of this new discovery service is a work in progress, not only for us but for all the OhioLINK libraries that have embarked on this adventure! We appreciate your patience and your feedback as we continue to develop this service.

ALCTS Continuing Education Webinar Archives

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) routinely offers one hour continuing education webinars on a variety of topics including cataloging, preservation, and institutional repositories to name a few.  After 90 days of original broadcast, these webinars are made freely available in the ALCTS webinar archive and on the ALCTS YouTube Channel.

Included are several introductory level webinars on Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new rules and guidelines for creating cataloging recordings that will be fully adopted by the Library of Congress at the of the month.  Those wanting to know more about the standard may be interested in the RDA for the Non-Cataloger webinar from Oct. 2012. (One word of caution: RDA continues to evolve as a standard so some of the older RDA webinars contain information that is now out of date.)

We need you!!! Open Forum on RDA Elements

Changes to the OhioLINK central catalog for new RDA elements… and we need your input

What: open forum on RDA elements
Purpose: to gather your input
Where: Bierce 274 Learning Studio
When: April 17, 1.00-2.00
Who? YOU!

OhioLINK’s Database Maintenance and Standards Committee (DMSC) wants to put forth a proposal for how several new or changed RDA elements will appear and function in OhioLINK’s central catalog.  They’ve distributed a draft of the proposal and are seeking feedback.  A core group of UAL technical services folks will be evaluating the technical elements of the draft.

We are also having an open forum to present the proposal and get feedback that we can forward to DMSC. We’ll have the open forum on April 17, 2013, from 1:00 to 2:00, in Bierce Learning Studio 274. Anyone interested is welcome to participate in the forum.  We plan to include some screen shots or live displays of how these RDA elements currently appear in public catalogs.

If you’re interested in seeing the draft of the actual proposal, it’s available on SharePoint.

For more information, contact David Procházka (