Announcement from Tiffany Porter – Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13 Akron Law Review

I am pleased to announce that the following student notes/comments have been selected for publication in the 2012-2013 Akron Law Review.  These articles were selected from a very competitive group of student articles by last year’s Editorial Board.  These students worked hard to produce timely and well-written articles, which I am honored to include in next year’s volume of the Akron Law Review.  
Ryan Doringo – “Revival:  Toward a Formal Neutrality Approach to Economic Development Transfers to Religious Institutions”
Justin Green – “The Consumer-Redistributive Stance: A Perspective on Restoring Balance to Transactions Involving Consumer Standard-Form Contracts”
Jessica Knopp – “The Unconstitutionality of Ohio’s House Bill 125: The Heartbeat Bill” 
Aaron Richardson – “Hite v. Falcon Partners: Why delay rental payment alone under an oil and gas lease should never extend the lease beyond the primary term”
Brendan Sorg – “Is Meaningful Peer Review Headed Back to Florida?”

Tiffany L. Porter
University of Akron School of Law
Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13 Akron Law Review

Author: Liz Sauders

Manager of Compliance and Technology for The University of Akron School of Law