Confidential Sounding Board: Professor Stephen Cook

Dear Law Students:

Confidential Sounding Board: Professor Stephen Cook

We have asked Prof. Cook to serve as a sounding board by providing another source of confidential, multi-faceted advice to all students. He will be available to hear your concerns, whatever they may be, and to provide absolutely confidential advice, to all students, on a multitude of areas/issues.

Sounding Board areas/issues include: bar exam application assistance (what you must disclose and why), character and fitness issues (what issues you need to address in order to pass your character and fitness interview), dependency issues (alcohol/drug matters), ethical matters (situations that may put you at odds with the Honor Code), the unauthorized practice of law (what you can and cannot advise as a law student), peer problems (problems/situations with other students), stress (how to approach and deal with it), how to start you own practice (practical tips), life balance issues (how to balance health, family and relationships), mental health matters (common-sense advice on dealing with stress, self-image and non-clinical depression), or just a sounding board (someone to listen, or “bounce” something off of).

With very few exceptions, Professor Cook is not required to disclose any information involving a student meeting. All meetings are held in strictest confidence.

Starting Tuesday (1/15/13) and Thursday (1/17/13), Professor Cook will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday during the Spring 2013 Semester for any interested students. To set up a meeting, email Prof. Cook at, and he will arrange a time that is convenient for you. Part-time, evening students may also email Professor Cook and he will set up a time that is convenient to your evening schedule.  Professor Cook’s office is Room 232 above the Atrium. His cell phone is  330-464-9106 and personal email if you need to reach him. Try school email first.

Best wishes,

Bill Jordan                                                                                                                   Lauri S. Thorpe
Associate Dean and                                                                                                   Assistant Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid
C. Blake McDowell Professor of Law                                                                                     and Student Affairs