Half-Day Hangout: The bar exam

Stop in for soup and answers to your questions about the bar exam

Room L-134

Saturday, February 14, 2015

12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

With Nancy Reeves, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs

Next Saturday will be the first Half-Day Hangout for bar exam preparation.  The primary purpose is to provide last minute assistance to the February examinees.  Feel free to drop in even if your bar exam is still in the distant future, if you have questions about the bar exam, or just happen to be hanging around the law school next Saturday afternoon and are in the mood for a bowl of soup.

What to expect

  • Soup & study break  (If you care about what kind of soup might be available, vote here)
  • Informal Q&A
  • Exam samples and/or simulations – Ohio essays, Multistate Practice Tests, Multistate Bar Exam (multiple choice)
  • Springboard Bar Exam Resource launch (Ultimately this will contain a bank of Ohio essays, MPT questions, practice multiple choice quizzes, links to important information, etc.)
  • Informal repeat of any of the series of Bar Preparation workshops offered this past month (Essay Structure, MPT Outline Process, MBE Strategies, State Essays:  Making up the Rules, and MPT Exam Simulation)
  • 100 day & 70 day study plans for the bar exam