December Graduates & family/friends: Bar Exam Panel discussion

Alumni Panel Discussion/Family Panel Discussion

Today – October 28 beginning at 6:40 PM – West 214

  • Alumni panel discussion with Q&A about the bar exam experience
    • Brittany Michael (Ohio)
    • Howard Wernow (Ohio & Florida)
    • Mark Graziani (Ohio)
    • Samantha Hardin (Ohio)
  • Family members/supporting friends panel discussion about the bar exam experience.
    • Lisa Graziani (Mark’s wife)
    • Chris Mahland (Jackie (Caboner) Mahland’s husband)
  • You are invited to bring anyone who will be supporting you as you prepare for the bar exam to hear about what to expect, from others who have been through it.  The panels will start together, and split partway through to address the separate questions each group may have.

If you have questions, feel free to send me (Nancy Reeves) an email or stop by Room L-315.