Early Start for the February Bar Exam – Organizing Meeting


Akron Law’s first Early Start Bar Study Group – Organizational Meeting

5:30 – 6:15 PM today (Tuesday, September 20)

Central Hower 310A


Take advantage of an opportunity to get an early start on your bar study!  It has gotten more challenging to pass the bar exam recently.  You have busy lives – and more material has to be mastered in the same brief study period between graduation and the bar exam.


I have my ideas about what would be useful – but come tell me what would make it worth your while to spend some regular time with each other/me this fall, with the goal of making this winter a bit more manageable!

If you can’t make the planning session today, check in here and let me know that you’re interested and I’ll inlcude you in the doodle poll to pick the best time(s) for the regular sessions.

Nancy Reeves, Director of Academic Success Programs

Central Hower Room 308A

NLR22@uakron.edu – 330-972-6809