Early Start Bar Study Group

Early Start Bar Study Group – Central Hower 307

Fridays @ 2 PM

Saturday 1 PM*

  • This week:  A contracts essay (Statute of Frauds and/or Parol Evidence)
  • Next week:  Interactive multiple choice strategies for the MBE (multiple choice) portion of the bar exam

The study group is open to anyone who has a bar exam in their future who is interested in getting a head start.  (It is primarily designed for people preparing for the July 2017 bar exam, but at least one participant is preparing for the July 2018 exam!)

Four out of four of the alumni panelists Tuesday night ALA class indicated the most important thing they did to prepare for the bar exam was to write lots of essays – so that by the time the bar exam rolled around the actual bar exam was just 12 more essays.  In contrast, the most frequent barrier to writing essays early is, “I don’t know enough to write essays yet.” This often leads to delaying essay writing until the last 2 weeks before the bar exam.  The study group is a risk-free way to get past that emotional hurdle and get started!

* There’s been a request to move the Saturday group to Saturday morning or Sunday evening.  If you’ve been attending (or are interested in attending the weekend group, let me know if either of those new times works for you)

For information (or to be added to the Springboard support site), contact Nancy Reeves, Assistant Dean for Academic Success – nlr22@uakron.edu