Bar Exam: MPT Exam Simulation today!

MPT Exam Simulation today (Monday):

1:00 & 6:00 PM – L-325

If you haven’t been able to convince yourself to sit down and write an MPT, today is the perfect opportunity to give it a try!

  • Food and casual conversation starting 30 minutes ahead of each session
  • The prompt will be one that is not used by any vendor this year or in ALA during the past 2 semesters
  • Answer provided
  • Submit your essay for feedback, if you want
  • Sign up here to make sure I bring enough food (and copies of the prompt) for you!

More bar prep opportunities this week:

  • Wednesday – 2:00 PM – Professional Responsibility Essay write (with rule overview by Vice Provost Cravens)
  • Thursday – 6:00 PM – Making up the Rules Workshop (repeat with new prompts)
  • Friday – 2:00 PM – Study Group Essay Write
  • Saturday – 12:00 – 5:00 PM Half-day hangout (food and a chance to ask about whatever you still need to know before the bar exam).