(Early Start) Bar Study Group

It’s fall – that means it is time to get a head start preparing for the bar exam! 

We’ll start meeting weekly to write practice essays for the bar exam.   We can also do some multiple choice, MPTs,  and work on mapping out a plan to spread your study out through the semester, so your bar prep doesn’t have to be crammed into the 8.5 weeks between late December and February 27.

The study group is also a good opportunity to get your feet wet in subject matter you skipped in law school (corporations, payment systems, etc.).  If you don’t do some advance study, you’ll need to learn it from a 3-hour lecture during bar prep – so it helps to have some advance exposure.

Anyone who ever plans to take bar exam is welcome to join the fun – but the group will specifically focus on the February exam.

Right now – I need your help choosing the best time for those who are interested.

I’ve created a doodle poll using the 4 favorite times selected by my ALA students.  If you’re interested, check in and let me know what works best for you.  (Click once to indicate a time is good, click twice for OK, but not ideal).  Your votes are changeable, so you can go back and shift your vote, if it looks like your first choice is circling the drain.

We’ll start meeting the week of the 24th (or Saturday the 23rd, if Saturday is the consensus time).