Early Start Bar Study Group – Criminal Law this week!

Looking for a low-risk way to start remembering criminal law for the bar exam.   Perhaps you’re interested in Ohio criminal law trivia, like the tidbit that criminal battery does not exist in Ohio.

The early start bar study group elected to do a criminal law essay this week.  Feel free to join us – outlines are available.  You don’t have to remember anything from criminal law – we’ll flounder around together and figure it out.

We meet Thursday from 1:00 – 3:00 in L-325.

The Saturday group meets from 10:30 – 12:30 in L-201 (Note the different room this week!)

The study group is intended for primarily for people who intend to take the February (or July) bar exam this year.  But it is good general practice for anyone struggling to avoid being conclusory when you do the RA part of IRAC, or to dissect prompts to find all of the facts that have been planted for analysis.

Questions, or for access to the early start bar prep site, contact Nancy Reeves at nlr22@uakron.edu