Early Start Bar Study Group

Want an early start on your bar exam study?  Skipped Wills?  Need a refresher on Intentional Torts?  ASP has just the thing for you!

Thursday (11/30) is another double-header.  At the request of those who attended last week, in the normal time slot (1:00 – 3:00) we’ll write a wills essay (February 2017, Essay 11).  In the second slot (3:00 – 5:00) we’ll write an intentional torts essay from February 2013 – question 7 (the same one the Saturday group wrote on the 18th – also similar to one of the essays on the ALA final).

You can find the essays here if you want a sneak preview.

Thursday 11/30 @1:00 (Wills Essay); @3:00 (Intentional torts Essay)

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu