Heading for the February or July Bar Exam & skipped Payment Systems?

Get a sneak preview via the Commercial Paper (Payment Systems) question from the July 2003 bar exam!

The (Early Start) bar study group will be writing that essay from 1:00 – 3:00 in L-325 today (Thursday).

If you have your Barbri/Kaplan/Themis outlines – bring the Ohio/State  one.  Don’t worry if you don’t – I’ll bring a few from the ASP Resources collection.

Barbri, at least, likes to save Payment Systems for the very end of bar prep – when your brain is already full.  If you haven’t graduated yet, it’s early in the semester.  You should have some empty space to tuck a new concept or two in – much more easily than a month out from the bar exam after you’ve already crammed in 13 subjects.

(We’ll start with a quick high-level overview of concepts, before diving into writing. )