Early Start Bar Study Group

Welcome to the marathon!  The July 2018 Early Start Bar Study Group(s) will be meeting in L-325 through July 21.

  • Thursday 1:00 – 3
  • Friday 11:00 – 1:00
  • Saturday 10:30 – 12:30

If you’re planning on taking a July 2018 bar exam, or just want a big head start for a later bar exam, you’re welcome to join us.

The study groups are a relatively painless way to get a head start on the 100+ essays you should write to be well prepared for the bar exam.  They are also a good way to start to learn those bar subjects you skipped during your law school career, or to refresh your memory about subjects that you took so long ago that you barely remember them.

No commitment, no advance preparation required, no attendance requirements, pick a day, any day . . . it doesn’t have to be the same day each week.  If you don’t have outlines from your bar vendor yet, I’ve got outlines.  See how easy that is?

This week’s essays:

  • Thursday/Friday:  Wills
  • Saturday:  ACJ (Criminal Procedure in bar lingo)

Questions?  Nancy Reeves – nlr22@uakron.edu – or drop by L-217C