Bar Prep Workshops – Tuesday afternoon/Wed evening

The first of 5 bar prep workshops will be held this week!

  • Essay Structure Workshop:  Tuesday, June 5:  1:30 PM – L-201 or Wednesday, June 6:   5:30 PM – L-202

 Graders spend an average of 2-3 minutes reading each of your essays.  Those 2-3 minutes will determine whether you will earn a license to practice law.   Learn to make your essay grader-friendly so that those minutes count!

  • [Note:  ALA alumni are absolutely welcome to join  this session for a refresher, but it is very similar to the  introduction to essay writing in ALA.]
  • Food & informal Q&A starts at 1:00/6:00; the workshop starts at 1:30/6:30 PM and will last no more than an hour and a half.
  • Please bring your computer (if you expect to take the exam using a computer), an electronic version of any essay you have written, OR 2 paper copies of your essay and multiple highlighters of different colors)
  • All workshops available by webex:
  • Sign up here so I make sure to bring enough food!

(Note:  If you were unable to sign up for ALA in the fall, due to schedule conflicts, but wanted to build  an equivalent experience – this is one of the places to start!)

Remainder of the workshops (all Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday evening EXCEPT the second)

  • Wednesday, June 13 (both afternoon and evening) –   MPT Organizing Strategies
  • Tuesday, June 19/Wednesday, June 20  –   Making up the Rules
  • Tuesday, June 26/Wednesday June  27 – MBE Strategies and Tactics:
  • Tuesday, July 10/Wednesday, July 11 –  MPT Exam Simulation
  • Saturday, July 14, 12:00 – 5:00 PM:  Half-day Hangout (Not a workshop – but Saturday may turn into a marathon issue spotting session)