Bar Prep Workshop: Making up the Rules!

Making up the Rules

Tuesday, June 19 – 1:30 – L-201
Wednesday, June 20 – 6:30 – L-201

Thre are approximately 15 subjects on the bar exam.  Even if you don’t hit any speed bumps in your studying, there will still be rules you just don’t remember.  No one remembers them all, as you can probably tell from the released answers!

The rule-making techniques from this workshop will help you thrive when you mind goes blank, as well as helping you improve your rule stack for the majority of the time when you mostly remember the rules.

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Both sessons available by WebEx

The workshop is intended primarily for  people preparing for the July 2018 bar exam, but the longer you practice, the better your skills by the time it’s your turn!

[Similar to the Spring 2017 ALA – but with a new set of  essay snippets for rule generation]