Extended Bar Prep Study Group

Extended bar prep study group meets this week on Wednesday (6:30 – 8:30) and Saturday (10:30 AM – 12:30 AM) in L-325

The topic this week:  Evidence

The Ohio bar exam includes an evidence essay – so if your exposure to evidence is limited to multiple choice, this week is a good opportunity to practice handling it in an essay!  (Evidence is also one of the potential essays on the UBE)

Mid-day study group:  So far, no consensus on a day.  There are equal votes for  every day (although the votes are more solid for Tuesday – Thursday than for Friday).  Unfortunately, whichever day I select will exclude 3 people who have expressed an interest!  If you voted for only one day, but could attend a different one – please let me know (clicking twice will mark a day, “could attend if I had to.”  If you are interested, and haven’t voted yet, feel free to drop by and cast a vote

Questions?  nlr22@uakron.edu