ASP 1L Simulated Exams

The Office of Academic Success is sponsoring a series of simulated exams for each of the substantive first-year classes.

This series is intended to give students the opportunity to practice answering exam questions under timed conditions. The simulated exam questions have been developed by our ASP Fellows in conjunction with the professors for your first-year classes. So this is a very good opportunity to get practice in answering the types of questions your particular professors will ask.

The simulated exam schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, November 27 Civil Procedure
Wednesday, November 28 Torts
Thursday, November 29 Contracts
Friday, November 30 Property.

For your convenience, the simulated exam questions will be posted on the TWEN page associated with ASP group study sessions.

Each simulated exam will be available at 5:00 pm on the day that it is scheduled for release, and the sample answer will release within 90 minutes of the question becoming available.

If your schedule allows it, we encourage you to take the exams at the scheduled time. If you can’t, the questions will remain available through the finals period so you can take them when it makes the most sense for you.

Regardless of when you take them, though, we encourage you to work through the exams under timed conditions in a space that resembles the actual testing environment as closely as possible.

We also encourage you to check your answers against the sample answers to assess your work..