Nominations for SBA Class Representatives for Spring Start and Part-Time Students

Attention Spring Start and Part-Time Students:

We are excited to add 4 more representatives to the student bar association. We have officially begun the election process in search of two spring-start student class representatives and two part-time student class representatives. The representative can be from any year in law school. The purpose of these new representatives is so that students who start school in the spring, and those that are only part-time, are properly represented.

Below you will find the links to two separate nomination pages. One for spring start students and one for part-time students. You may only make a nomination if you are a member of the respective class in which you are making the nomination for. In order to be put on the official ballot, a student must first receive three nominations from his/her fellow classmates. Nominations will close this Friday, January 25th, at 5:00pm. 

Serving as a class representative is an important function of Akron Law’s Student Bar Association. As a representative, you will serve as a conduit between your classmates and the law school administration. You will also help organize, plan, and operate several important law school functions during the year. Being a class representative is an excellent resume booster and a great way to meet other students, faculty, and members of the Ohio Legal Community.

If you think one of your classmates would excel in this role, I encourage you to nominate them. If you feel you would excel in this role, I encourage you to talk with your classmates and seek their nomination. You are permitted to submit no more than three nominations for your respective class. You are allowed to nominate yourself. Please note, it is a violation of the honor code to submit more than three nominations. Please only nominate members from your class, do not nominate members from other classes.

If you are nominated to run as a class representative, you will be notified over the weekend. At that point, you can choose to either accept or deny the nomination. If you choose to accept a nomination, your name will be included on the official ballot for your class.  Elections for both spring start and part-time class representatives will begin next week.  The two students who receive the most votes from each class will serve as their class representatives.

If you have any questions regarding the election process or about what it takes to be an SBA class representative, please feel free to contact Sarah Blank, Vice President of the Student Bar Association at