Introduction to (bar exam) Multistate Performance Test

Friday 3/8 in L-280, from 3:00 – 6:00 PM, there will be an Introduction to the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) workshop.

UBE jurisdictions, Ohio, and most other states include the Multistate Performance Test on the bar exam. (At least two more states, Pennsylvania and California, include a performance test they write themselves).

The concept of the MPT is simple: you are given a task that a first year associate would be assigned, and all the facts and law you need to complete it. The challenge is that you only have 90 minutes to write it, you can’t tear the packet apart, you can’t highlight it, and it is a race against time to finish it – especially if you don’t develop a good system to work your way through it.

The workshop is a make-up class for Advanced Legal Applications (final semester bar skills course). That said – you are invited even if you’re not in ALA – or are in the online version of the extended bar prep class. This is a good opportunity to start developing an MPT strategy so you can earn most of the points that are allocated to the MPT on the bar exam (13.33% in Ohio and 20% on the UBE).

Questions? Nancy Reeves, Assistant Dean for Academic Success –