Extended Bar Prep Study Groups

Seems like the bar exam was just yesterday – but there’s another one right around the corner! Funny how that happens.

If you’re interested in getting a head start on preparing for February or July bar exams (in any year), the study groups will start back up soon. We meet a few times a week to practice writing essays, tackle subjects you didn’t have room for in your schedule, do multiple choice problems, or write MPTs. (Mostly we write essays – but what we do is up to whoever shows up.)

If you’re interested in attending, please cast your vote in this doodle poll

Click once for “Fantastic day/time!”, click twice for, “Not my favorite, but I could make it work.” We’ll almost certainly have a Saturday group – and one other during the week. (Voting doesn’t mean you’re committing to show up – just expressing an interest in when they are scheduled.)

Questions? Nancy Reeves – nlr22@yahoo.com