Fall 2019 Midterm – ESL Accommodation for International Students

  • International students for whom English is a second language may receive up to 50% additional time on School of Law exams and may also request exam usage of a native language translation dictionary.
  • Students should request additional time and or use of dictionaries for both midterms and finals through Students Services at the School of Law and by completing the ESL Exam Accommodation Request Form located in the Law School Student Resources Brightspace Page under Exam Schedules and Forms/Exam Forms and submitting it to the Assistant Dean of Global Engagement Patrick Gaughan.
  • All Accommodation Request Forms must be submitted at least two weeks before an examination and require approval from the Office of Student Services and the course professor.  Accommodation of each type is discretionary only.
  • Translation dictionaries are not provided by the Office of Student Services.  The dictionary may not contain additional writing.
  • The School of Law faculty strongly encourages international students for whom English is a second language to gradually take law school exams without any additional time in preparation for the bar examination.

The deadline to submit the Request Form to Assistant Dean Gaughan is two weeks prior to your scheduled midterm.