Reminder – Extended Bar Prep: Saturday!

Extended bar prep study sessions this Saturday at 10:30 in Room 325. We’ll do a Wills question. [Note: since I have to be at Copley Fairlawn High School at 10:00, and the marathon (below) may add to my drive time from there to the law school, we may be a tad late starting]

The extended bar prep study sessions are intended primarily for people within 2 semesters of the bar exam, but everyone is welcome to attend. Periodically reviewing subjects from your 1L year throughout your law school career will help build long-term memory. That should make it feel less like you’re starting over again from scratch when it’s your turn for the bar exam!

The Akron Marathon is on Saturday – so plan for crazy traffic and street closings. The best approach is from Route 8 – but it looks like they will be running circles around the law school from around 9 AM – noon.

The Polsky, South, Exchange, North and E.J Thomas Performing Arts Hall decks will be full of runners and spectators early Saturday morning, until about noon. People should use lots on the north and east side of campus, particularly the East Campus deck.

Here’s a route map: