Extended Bar Prep study sessions

Akron Law offers bar prep study sessions from September/October through the July bar exam. They are two hours sessions in which we tackle actual bar exam questions and construct an answer that would earn a 6/6 on the bar exam.

If the bar exam is right around the corner (February or July), they are excellent practice for you! Attending as few as 3 sessions strongly correlates with a higher chance of passing the bar exam. They are also good early practice, even for 1L students, when we tackle the 1L subjects!

If you think you might be interested in attending, vote here to help choose the days and times for the sessions between now and December. (Priority will be given to the preferences for those graduating in December.)

Questions? Contact Nancy Reeves, assistant dean for academic success (nlr22@uakron.edu)

Half-Day Hangout – Saturday!

After a two-exam break to keep us safe from COVID, the feast before the bar exam is back!

If you’re in the law school on Saturday, July 17, drop by outside Room 325 for some food and last-minute encouragement anytime between 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM.

Even if you’re a few semesters away from the bar exam (or you’ve already taken it) come grab some food. (It’s also a chance to ask anything you ever wanted to ask about the bar exam . . . )

  • On the menu:
    • Fresh baked bread (follow your nose!)
    • At least 4 flavors of homemade hummus (vegan & gluten free)
    • Pita (vegan) and veggies (vegan and gluten free)
    • Fruit (vegan and gluten free)
    • Sloppy Joes (pork free; gluten free – unless you put it on a bun )

Questions? Nancy Reeves, Assistant Dean for Academic Success – nlr22@uakron.edu

MPRE Registration Deadline – coming soon!

The deadline to register for the August 11 or 12 Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is Thursday, June 10, 2021. Registration is a multi-step process, so don’t wait until the very last minute!

Information about registration is available on the NCBE website.

All US jurisdictions, except Wisconsin and Puerto Rico, require the MPRE for admission to the practice of law. The exam is offered 3 times a year – but the ideal time is probably the first exam date after you take your professional responsibility class. That will allow you to take advantage of your recent investment in learning the rules of professional responsibility.

Information about Akron Law resources, how to access your free BARBRI MPRE course, and a study guide are available on both the Academic Success BrightSpace page and on the Law School Student Resources pages.

Questions? Nancy Reeves, Assistant Dean for Academic Success, nlr22@uakron.edu

Academic Success – the Virtual Edition!

As final exams approach, you may be missing your favorite ASP Resources.

You’re likely in luck! Many of your favorite resources are available online. Wander on over to the new virtual Academic Success office on BrightSpace (All students are enrolled – if you can’t access it send me an email.

Once you’re there, go to Course Materials>Content>I need my favorite book – where do I find it?

There are labeled pictures of the ASP walls, lists of resources by type (essay, narrative, etc), and an alphabetical list of the series available. In addition, in the sme module: “How do I get into the database where my resource is located” includes directions on how to access each of the three databases.