Scheduled OhioLINK Services Outage on Dec 28

Scheduled Services Outage

OH-TECH needs to complete some urgent maintenance on the systems that govern access to our servers. This maintenance will take place on Wednesday Dec 28 from 8pm-10pm. While OH-TECH works on these modules, users will not be able to access OhioLINK services.

Affected Services:

• ETD Center
• Central Catalog*
• Music Center
• Rave URL resolver

We are not anticipating any issues after the maintenance, as the services themselves are not being taken down. OH-TECH is just interrupting the access routes. Once access is restored, OhioLINK will double check everything, but services should be up and functioning as they were before the maintenance.

* While the Central Catalog is unavailable, messages between local catalogs and Central will be queued and processed when Central is available again. This will include all PCIRC renewals and pickup anywhere transactions.

Once the maintenance is completed, OhioLINK will check the record queues from the local catalogs to Central and make sure that they are connected and that any queued messages are being processed.

We recognize that OhioLINK users are working all the time, and OH-TECH has scheduled this work over Winter Break to hopefully impact the lowest number of users.

David Procházka’s Professional Activities

David Procházka | Music/Special Materials Cataloger

Very impressive.  Nice work, David!



Ashby & Thompson Present at OH-IUG

Susan DiRenzo Ashby
Coordinator, Library Systems

Paul Thompson
Web Development Specialist

Susan Ashby and Paul Thompson presented at the OH-IUG (Ohio Innovative Users Group) conference in Dublin, Ohio on October 7, 2016.

Susan explained the various resources, services, and tools available to help update and redesign the library’s online catalog.  She was quite pleased that all audience members were wide awake and fully engaged, even though it was the first session scheduled after lunch.

Paul demonstrated his workflow in redesigning the look and functionality of the UAL catalog, identified challenges he had in the process and how he overcame them, and generally ran over the time allotted. This was seemingly forgiven as he handed out $100 bills to each of the attendees. Sorry you missed it. Register today for the next OH-IUG.



Faculty instructions for SelectedWorks

The following instructions on how to load a CV to will be distributed to faculty. They are also available on the following LibGuide:

Faculty: How to Upload your CV to SelectedWorks

Every faculty member should have a “SelectedWorks” home page.

Find your SelectedWorks page by visiting the SelectedWorks Gallery at

Once you find your SelectedWorks page, select “Login” from the menu in the upper right. Your SelectedWorks page is associated with your UA email account. You must use your UA email address to log in and edit your page.

If you have never logged into your SelectedWorks page, use the “Forgot your password?” link to reset the password.

There may be content on your SelectedWorks page that you did not add. If so, it was taken from your department’s website by the student assistants who created your page. Regardless, you are now free to edit this page as much as you like.

To upload your CV, look in the “About” tab for the second item, “Curriculum Vitae.” If you hover your mouse on this section, boxes will appear to let you to upload, remove, or replace a file. Upload your CV here. You do not need to create a new CV for your SelectedWorks page; simply update and upload whatever CV you use for communicating your accomplishments to your department and others in your discipline. It is best if you save and upload your CV file as a PDF file, as PDF is the only file format that will display the same on all screens and platforms.

Questions can be referred to Dr. Jon Miller, Director, University Press (mjon [at] uakron [dot] edu)

ProQuest Maintenance 8/20

ProQuest has a maintenance window coming up from Saturday 8/20/16 at 10pm through Sunday 8/21/16 at 6am. This will cause many ProQuest platforms and products to be temporarily offline, including the ProQuest platform, ProQuest Congressional, and RefWorks, among others. The complete list of affected products is at this ProQuest support site.

Bierce Library Hosting ALAO TEDSIG 2016 Workshop

Bierce Library Hosting ALAO TEDSIG 2016 Workshop

Streamlining Technical Services Workflows with MarcEdit

Presenter: Terry Reese (The Ohio State University)

Terry Reese, of the Ohio State University, will lead a workshop on how to use MarcEdit to streamline typical technical services workflows, especially as they pertain to cataloging, file loading, and electronic resources. This workshop’s target audience are both those new to MarcEdit, and those who are familiar with MarcEdit but need a refresher. Terry Reese created MarcEdit nearly seventeen years ago and has supported and developed this free software package used by librarian around the world.

Registration is full for the workshop to be held this Friday, August 12th, in Learning Studio 154 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.



Monaco Elected to NOTSL Board

Mike Monaco

Coordinator, Cataloging Services

On June 10, 2016, Mike Monaco was part of a panel presenting to NOTSL (Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians) in the program “Now What? RDA and Best Practices for Cataloging Special Formats”.  Mike was also elected to Vice Chair of the NOTSL Board.  According to their website, the Vice Chairperson serves three consecutive one-year terms, one as Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson Elect, one as Chairperson, and one as Immediate Past Chair and Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Way to keep professionally busy, Mike!


Sierra Help Access Issue … updated

We’re experiencing issues accessing Sierra Help on our local Sierra Server.  When accessing Sierra Help via the Sierra Desktop App or through a saved bookmark, users are prompted twice for their Sierra login and password. After entering the login and password the second time, the login fails.  I’ll open a ticket with III.  In the mean time, you can still access Sierra Help through III CSDirect.

Usually I’d tell you to go to the Sierra SharePoint for the link to CSDirect and the CSDirect username and password.  However, this information is on a web page in SharePoint and if you read my previous post, you’ll know that I can’t because you won’t be able to see the information :(.

If you need to access Sierra Help, send me an e-mail or call me and I’ll send you the link to CSDirect and get you the username and password.

Update 8/2/2016 4:45 pm
III is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. You can access Sierra Help via CSDirect.  From the CSDirect home page, click on Sierra and then click on SIerra Web  Help.

For CSDirect access and login information go to:

David Procházka Professionally Active

In March, David Procházka presented “Tracing Tárrega’s Preludes for Guitar” at the 2016 meeting of the Music OCLC Users Group in Cincinnati (

During fall 2015, David Procházka wrote an introduction for a new edition of Vincent d’Indy’s orchestral piece Diptyque méditerranéen.  (München : Musikproduktion Höflich, 2015).

Nice job!

OhioLINK services & possible browser errors

OH-TECH has informed OhioLINK that on Tuesday, May 31, between 9am and 11am, they will be updating the load balancers for all their services (which includes OhioLINK services). There will be no downtime as part of this maintenance.

However, as part of this, OH-TECH will be disallowing certain types of connections from outdated browsers. Users with outdated browsers may see errors.

OH-TECH has verified that the following browser versions will continue to access all services without error after the change.

Google Chrome: v 51, 50, 49
Mozilla Firefox: v 46, 45, 44
Apple Safari: v 9, 8, 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer: v 11, 10, 9

Other browsers may also continue to function, but this is what has been tested.