July 2015 Ohio bar exam

Hearing rumors that there are no hotel rooms left?  Don’t panic!

The Board of Bar Examiners has not yet decided where the July 2015 Ohio bar exam will be held.  It may not even be held in Columbus.  They have suggested that an announcement will be made around March 1.

Background:  The Convention Center booked a very large convention for dates overlapping the July 2015 bar exam.  Not only did the convention book the Convention Center, they put a hold on virtually all of the hotel rooms within easy distance of the Convention Center for those dates – hence the rumors that there are no rooms available.  The Board of Bar Examiners has been working since the conflict was discovered to find an alternate location.

When I know something, I’ll pass it on to you!  In the mean time, if you have questions about the bar exam, feel free to stop by (L-315) or send me an e-mail:  nlr22@uakron.edu.  Or drop in to the Half-Day Hangout on Saturday where I’ll answer your questions AND feed you!

Nancy Reeves, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs