The voice of more than 12,000 undergraduates at The University of Akron!

What is USG?

The University of Akron’s Undergraduate Student Government is a significant source of communication and support between the undergraduate student body and the administration. We serve the students of The University of Akron! USG is also heavily involved in working with student organizations and ensuring their success. To help make organizations bigger and better, the Undergraduate Activities Fund (UAF) exists to help fund any events you may want to organize for your group. USG is responsible for distributing these funds to organizations. Want to start a New Student Organization? Come see us and we’ll help you get started! USG is always working hard, and while we find projects that help a lot of students, YOU are the ones we want to hear from! Contact us any time, day or night. It’s why we’re here!

Our Mission

Our mission statement in USG is “Building Community, Enhancing Experience“. Our work with administration, faculty, and staff is all to make the student experience and community more inclusive, welcoming, and supportive for all zips.

Our Vision

We believe in a University where everyone is connected, invested, and inspired to grow. YouAkron is the platform of President Baig and Vice President Feezel. It focuses on Elevating the Campus Experience, Encouraging Student Excellence, and Developing a Lasting Community. To learn more about the platform, click here.

Our Values

Our existence is rooted in community, inclusivity, and service. 

Get Involved

Embrace your passions and interests, and find a student organization that is right for you. How to get involved within USG can be found here, and a complete list of student organizations can be found here.