Blake Smith
Senate Chair
I am a third year Political Science major with minors in Mathematics and Criminal Justice. After undergrad, I will attend law school as an aspiring labor law professional. I joined this organization last year as a Senator At-Large, and I will be serving as the Senate Chair this year to lead the Legislative Branch and create real change on campus. My main focus for this year will be to push legislation that improves common student experiences such as dining and housing. Outside of student government, I am the VP for the Pre-Law Society and I am a Hearing Officer for the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.
Ally (Alia) Baig
Vice Senate Chair

Joining USG last year was one of the best decisions I made. As someone who is already involved on campus as the President of the Environmental Action club, I was able to become even more involved. USG is an outlet for students to make change and advocate for their peers. I feel like this is a way to have a long lasting impact on campus and to create an environment for students to thrive in. Being an advocate for students is the reason I wanted to be a part of USG, and I feel like I am completing that goal by being a leader and working on multiple projects. My favorite part of being a part of this organization is working with likeminded people to accomplish our goals!

Grace Dewitt
Senator for the Williams Honors College
Isaac Machar
Senator At-Large
Ashley Cosgrave
Senator At-Large
Emily Tenney
Senator At-Large
Kaden Rupert
Senator At-Large
Anthony Santos
Senator for the College of Engineering and Polymer Science
My name is Anthony Santos; I'm a first-year aerospace systems engineering student at UA. I attended a larger high school in central Pennsylvania, GO CVSO. I work at Best Buy and love to play video games. You can catch me playing some Lego stars the complete saga and portal two frequently. I also did Boy Scouts, earning the rank of Eagle Scout, and I love to go hiking. I'm a very chill person who likes to go with the flow; feel free to come to me if you see anything that needs to change at UA or the college of engineering and polymer science. I want to make the engineering building an innovative and relaxing place to lean. Furthermore, I would like to know how the engineering department can help others, so please let me know if you have any ideas.
Maxwell Pastoria
Senator for Off-Campus Housing
Carson Wolfe
Senator for the College of Health and Human Sciences
Lana Tamin
Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences
I am a 1st year majoring in Computer Science. Student government spoke to me as I always try to involve myself on campus through various chorale and engineering-oriented organizations. I joined student government in order to make a difference in the Akron community and uplift the unheard voices.
Open Position
Senator At-Large
Meghan Teeters
First Year Senator
I am a First-Year Senator and a freshman at the University of Akron. I am majoring in Biomedical Science and hoping to go to medical school after getting my degree. My end goal is to become a surgical dermatologist and own my practice. I love running, reading, baking, and hanging out with friends. I am involved in the William's Honors College, Spicer Hall Government, Campus Focus, AK Rowdies, and flag football. I joined USG because I want to make a difference and ensure that the freshman class has a voice.
Gwen Bushen
First Year Senator
My name is Gwen Bushen. I am a freshman majoring in English. I currently live in Spicer and am a RHC Representative for Spicer. I also am a part of the Pink Gloves Boxing Program and am a new member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I joined USG to be more active in my community and be a voice for others.
Natalie Gardner
Senator for the College of Business
My name is Natalie Gardner, and I am a first-year student. I am majoring in Accounting. I am involved in multiple on-campus organizations such as the Williams Honors College, Emerging Leaders, and Delta Sigma Pi. Outside of school activities, I like to swim, read, and spend time with my friends in my free time. I joined Undergraduate Student Government as the Senator for the College of Business because I wanted to be able to assist in any change that needs to occur on campus while also giving all students in the College of Business and every other major a chance to voice their opinions and concerns.
Open Position
Senate Assistant